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Shibuya Lente Verde Plus 29Mm View full size

Shibuya Lente Verde Plus 29Mm

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149,90 €

Shibuya has partnered with the established American archery lens manufacturer Feather Visions to provide a wider selection of scopes. Feather Vision has been providing OEM lenses for several popular manufacturers since 1997. Their focus has always been to provide excellent quality scope lenses and optical accessories for use in archery.

The Green lens is Shibuya's standard option. Using a specific curve structure that provides a clearer image of the truly flat lens design, this glass lens performs extremely well in most conditions. The specific curve structure combined with the clear optical properties of glass minimize traditional reflections that often plague flatter designs while allowing a sharp clean view of the target. The premium AR Coating is provided by Zeiss and provides over 99% light transmission.

Offered lens powers are: +.25, +.37, +.50, +.62, +.75, +.82, and +1.00 diopter.

We will be offering the Green Plus and Green lens options directly for the 29mm scope. Both of these lenses feature high-quality material and Zeiss coating for over 99% light transmission. All lenses are perfectly optically centered, and checked for fit against the Shibuya 29mm scope housing.




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