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Return Policy

Returning Items:

items can be returned for a full refund of the amount (see restrictions below) within 15 days of shipment. The return shipping costs are paid by the customer.

Some restrictions necessary:

Those items that are returned for refund must be in original condition, if damaged or partially broken the refund will be prorated in proportion to the state they are returned.
Prefer not admit changes of items. It is preferable that you return the item you do not like, we will issue a refund and so if you want you can make a new purchase of another item you like.

Lost shipments:

My policy is to refund items that are able misplaced during shipping.
 No refund is granted in cases where information tracking number indicates that the item has been delivered. This is especially true in cases where the packet is sent to the e-business (labor) and the package disappears before reaching its destination. I use tracking number on all shipments.

Wrong direction:

If a package is returned because the address is incorrect or incomplete, you have to pay the cost of shipping the new renviar to the package. If instead you decide you want a refund, the cost of the original shipping costs will be deducted from the refund.
Returns Procedure

Steps: First email me to communicate your desire to return specifying the items you want to return.
Artículoss Put in a bubble envelope, fill in the details of consignee (Craft Gallery) on the front. And the sender (that would be you) back of the envelope. In the post office prompted to send as registered letter will ask you to fill out the form M11 so if you want you can prepare in advance before you meet in the window. They will provide a receipt which is the tracking number that must communicate via email with the subject "Return".


Returns Frequently

The purpose of the return policy serves to not have to stay with articles that are not pleased, not to have the opportunity to see the items in person, then you do not want to return en masse.
I understand that to keep items that are not exactly as you imagined can be one of the risks of buying on the Internet, for that, I try to post pictures as representative as possible.




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