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About Bolart

Bolart is an online store that I run personally, since I am the only person that deals with all its management. It is a small shop that I run from my current home in Zamora that serves as office and workshop; Bolart materials are needed for thread bobbins, pins, and worldlets, so do not take up too much storage space, so as processed products, which are stored in compartments and boxes neatly arranged.
To make bobbin lace work with threads of different colors and materials, from the typical white wire to copper or silver, which are used to finish the product and have a more attractive finish. Although it is a tiny shop, Internet searches have shown that my designs are attractive and my competitive prices.
In our beginning, we start from around 20 different items that I have personally made by artisans. Little by little I have been adding more as they have been selling this type of craft is very laborious and need to spend much time, so it is normal that many products have little stock or run out fast. But at this point, do not hesitate to contact me for custom orders.

My philosophy as a seller:

Try buying as comfortable and easy as possible.
So I designed a simple page, which is divided into product categories, and descriptive photos of each product. Besides the search for products by category, other search methods such as the search and tag cloud or tag cloud, which is filtered by the tags contained in each product.
Since the creation of this type of product is very laborious, the stock may be small or even exhausted at times, but I remember that laces are also made by request.
A user emails the Meetings in person, and will answer within 48 hours excluding holidays.

My selection of materials:

In terms of materials, threads up my main raw material, work with the highest quality yarns on the market with a wide variety of colors and different materials such as metallic wires, copper for finishing and shine.
Other materials at my disposal are the bobbin main tool for Bolart, worldlets and pillows where work is performed, with lace patterns generated drawing of the future product.


I would like to thank everyone so dear that have helped and supported me in the creation, design and maintenance of this online store and all the customers who visit us and allow us to continue growing at all. Thank you.




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