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The transport of your package

 We ship all over Spain. For deliveries abroad consult shipping through the "Contact".


Do all shipments through the national postal service using the letter mode, so that all shipments have tracking number, which guarantees the security and delivery confirmation.

Shipping Cost

Shipping include packaging, handling and shipping. A table used as reference current price national postal service varies according to the weight of the package.Combined shipments so that when you buy more than one product you get a discount on shipping.

Calendar of posts

Shipments are made within 48 hours of making payment, Monday to Friday and festive than ever. (The reason that shipments are not deposited in the post office on Saturdays is because they do not leave the office until Monday.)


The delivery time from the date of shipment is approximately three working days as deadlines national postal service officials. For Balearic and Canary is within four working days.

Shipping delays

These delivery times depend only on the post process so any delay please let me know by email in order to claim it.

Delivery Process

Once you have placed the ships in one of the offices, the postman will bring the package to the address indicated. If someone at home is delivered the package but if no one leave a message for the recipient to pick fence to the office.
IMPORTANT: The deadline to collect the package at the office is 15 calendar days from the date shown on the notice, if after expiry of that period has not picked anyone to be sending me back, in which case you will have to pay again the postage to the package renviar.
If you have left a notice but you can not go in person to pick up the shipment at the post office you have to do is authorize someone to do it for you. There are two ways:
-Filling the authorization that appears on the back of the notice along with a photocopy of ID the recipient.
-Making a photocopy of d.n.i. Recipient and handwriting in itself photocopy of ID to authorize a particular person (indicate the name and ID of the person you authorize) to collect your mail on your behalf. Sign and submit with the notice in the appropriate office.
Combined shipments:

Occasionally a customer places an order over practically followed and subsequently asked me to do a combined shipping. Try to do whenever possible but will depend on the intermediate term between order and another. The shipping of the second order will not be discounted, it is therefore preferable that you buy everything in the same order they ask me to combine later.




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